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You might just find the answer on the forum that I moderate at Buggies Unlimited called Ask The Cartfixer. You can view the answers to previous posts or start a new thread.



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Michael Thomas, Owner


Michael Thomas is the leading authority in golf cart repair. He is known across the country as the CartFixer. He began his first business, Michael’s Cart Maintenance, in 1988 after 7 years of extensive training at private courses in San Diego and Hawaii. His expertise has been sought out to consult for numerous companies within the Golf

industry and has assisted in establishing Golf Cart Service/Sales businesses in several states. He has been hired as an expert witness in golf cart cases. He is the creator of the innovative online show CartFixer TV. He leads a golf cart forum with Buggies Unlimited called Ask the Cartfixer. In 2009 he restructured his business from Michael’s Cart Maintenance to CartFixer and expanded his service, sales, and rentals. His business success is due to his desire to bring the highest quality service to his clients.